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Digital Product Reviews:
iRiver iFP-195T 512 MB Portable Digital Music Player
Reviewed on September 14, 2005

The iRiver iFP-195T 512MB Portable Digital Music Player allows you to listen to MP3, WMA or ASF music files or the FM radio, even letting you record FM radio. While there are other MP3 players on the market today that hold gigabites of music, 512MB is plenty of music for the average listener. The only time you may need more space is if you are on a cross-country trip or using it as a backup storage device for all of your music files. For the typical user, the iRiver iFP-195T has plenty of storage space for hours of listening enjoyment, more than 8 hours without repeating songs in fact.

This digital music player uses 2 AA batteries; the kind you can find at any convenience store. They are cheap and can be replaced easily. But, the excellent thing about this iRiver, is that the battery life is perhaps 2 to 3 times longer than your average portable CD player. With its 512MB internal storage and long AA battery life, you can enjoy music for up to 17 hours without recharging or replacing the batteries.

The player is small, light-weight, and stylish. It’s unique triangular shape may cause this MP3 player to swing back and forth if worn around the neck during jogging or exercise, but luckily, the people at iRiver have included an armband with the player. Just strap the iRiver iFP-195T to your arm and your good to go without any hindrances.

Another nice feature of the iRiver iFP-195T is its FM radio capabilities. You wouldn’t typically look for a radio player when searching for a portable mp3 player, but, once you have it, it is a great bonus. If you get tired of listening to your selected mp3’s (not that you would with so many hours of music available) you can switch over to your favorite FM radio station.

While this is a nice little portable player, no product is absolutely perfect. A couple of the parts, like the door for the batteries, are a bit delicate looking and it takes a little while to get used to the navigation and software associated with the player. Other owners of this digital product have also complained about frustrating or lacking customer service.

Features of the iRiver iFP-195T include: 512MB internal storage, MP3, WMA, and ASF music file supported, 4-line graphical text display with backlight, built-in voice recorder, integrated digital FM tuner with presents, recording option for FM tuner, iRiver Music Manager for music transfers, USB connection to computer with transfer rate up to 6.4Mbps, Sennheiser MX300 earphones, carrying case, arm band, neck strap, installation disc, USB cable and manual.

Overall, as a small, stylish digital music mp3 player, the iRiver iFP-195T is an excellent option.

Click here to purchase the iRiver iFP-195T Portable Digital Music Player.


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