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Animation Artwork

Animation, the technique of generating images frame after frame at a speed of 16 or more frames per second to give the illusion of movement, can be seen in many forms. Animation can be generated as a computer graphic, drawn images, stop motion, or claymation and then filmed to display at a rapid pace. The early days of animation made it a very labor intensive and tedious process, but with the advent of computer graphics animation has become increasingly streamlined. Computer animation has become a popular form of art and animation artwork can be seen all over the web and within the high tech community.

Both 3D computer graphics and 2D computer graphics are used in the development of modern animation artwork. In computer animation an image is displayed on the computer screen and then quickly replaced by a new image only slightly different than the previous. This is continuous and creates the illusion of movement, similar to motion pictures and television.

In 3D computer animation, an animated object is developed on the computer with a virtual skeleton. On this skeleton the limbs, eyes, mouth, clothes, other attributes of the 3D figure are moved through 3D animation software. The animation is rendered when completed. Examples of 3D animation software include Amorphium, Poser, Ray Dream Studio, Bryce, Maya, Blender, Truespace, 3D Studio Max, and SoftImage XSI.

Animation Artwork on Several Levels
Any animation can be viewed as art, but the growth and development of animation capabilities continue to make animation artwork more detailed and complex. Animation artwork for video games has gone from two-dimensional slow moving images to three dimensional almost lifelike terrain and characters. The Internet is also full of animated images through the use of programs like Flash, filling websites with animation artwork.

Animated films have been entertaining audiences for decades but recently, computer animated movies are another form of animation artwork that is becoming increasingly popular. CGI films have existed since the 1970’s but in the past ten years they have really hit the mainstream with animation artists working for large companies like Pixar, Dreamworks, and Disney. Some of the recent popular animated films include Shrek, Toy Story, Antz, Robots, and Monsters Inc.

With the increasing popularity of animation and computer generated animation artwork, animation artists will continue to develop their craft and developments in animation software and creation will continue to evolve.


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