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Common Basketball Moves

Basketball moves are generally individual actions used by players to pass by defenders to gain access to the basket or to get a clean pass to a teammate. Here are some of the moves used to accomplish the goals of the game.

A dribbling technique, the crossover involves a motion by which the player, while dribbling the ball, switches hands by bouncing the ball infront of his body from one hand to the other. It is generally used to change direction and if performed quickly is an effective method of passing by a defender. The crossover has recently been popularised by players such as Tim Hardaway and Allen Iverson.

Behind the Back Dribble
The behind the back dribble is a variation of the crossover dribble, whereby the player, while dribbling the ball with one hand bounces the ball behind his back in order to switch the dribble to his other hand.

Up and Under
The up and under is a move consisting of two parts, a shot fake (the up) and a step-through (the under). First the player with the ball fakes a shot by thrusting the ball above his head as if to take a shot, then when the defender jumps in an attempt to block the shot, the offensive player steps by him and attempts a clear, unguarded shot. Generally used by post players.

Pick and Roll
Is an offensive play in which a player stops to block a defender for a teammate handling the ball and then slips behind the defender to accept a pass as the handler makes a move towards the basket. In the NBA, John Stockton and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz used this play to great effect in the 1990's,

Hook Shot
A hook shot is when the player who has possesion put his body between the ball and the opponent. He then releases the ball towards the basket with one hand in a "hook" motion. The hook shot and variations such as the jump-hook and skyhook are effective as they are very difficult for the defender to block. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Milwaukee Bucks and later Los Angeles Lakers was a great exponent of the skyhook.


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