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Sinusitis Experience #027
Responses to Rosemary

Editor's Note: The following two letters were written in response to a allergy/sinusitis experience posted by Rosemary. Click here to read that experience.

Response #1: I, too, had sinus surgery a year ago. I have put the most expensive mattress and pillow covers on. I have tried every medication on the market and had ashma ruled out, after trying all of those medications. The next step was to rule out COPD or lung cancer, which I did. My Pulmonalogist even gave me Nexium to try for three months, because he says 40% of people with a chronic cough have reflux. However, none of the above treatments have calmed the flow of mucus or the coughing. It's almost impossible to work without taking Tussinex (narcotic) cough syrup. My cubemates constantly ask if I'm alright when they hear me coughing continously. I also started taking allergy shots six months ago but I've been told not to expect much relief for 4 to 5 years of shots. I would try anything at this stage. ~ Lin

Response #2: My name is Steve, I am with We are an allergy services company assisting Primary Care Physicians with Allergy IgE Blood Testing and ImmunoTherapy Vaccine (either in traditional injection or under-the-tongue SubLingual DROPS).

Based on my Allergy experience, dust mites, cats and mold are some of the most tenacious allergens to neutralize. While you mention dust mites, it is likely that you are also allergic to some seasonal allergens as well.

May I suggest that you Google the terms Allergy LOAD and Allergy Threshold? It will tell you that allergy is a cumulative disease i.e. an accumulation of multiple Allergy to numerous allergens adding up to misery. AND to be as effective as possible, you should neutralize ALL of them to knock down your Total Allergy Load as much as possible... treating one is not enough.

From our perspective, we believe that Allergy ImmunoTherapy is the ONLY allergy treatment option that has been repeatedly clinically proven and WORKS. The other treatment options are allergen avoidance - which is impossible in that most offending allergens are omnipresent. And, allergy med's only treat symptoms NOT the disease source.

Remember, allergy is a progressive, chronic disease which if not neutralized with ImmunoTherapy will migrate to other more recalcitrant diseases... ultimately allergic asthma.

Thus said, may we suggest that you visit your Primary Physician, have him/her do an IgE blood test and begin ImmunoTherapy. Please feel free to visit our Web site it is FULL of Allergy Information and will explain the clinical and insurance side of our ImmunoTherapy Testing & Vaccine Program through your prime Dr.

We hope this is useful to you. ~ Stephen Hauer P.P.D.


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