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Sinusitis Experience #023
Nasal Polyps Surgery and Sinus Pain

Hello. I have been receiving your newsletters for months now which have been very beneficial. I would like to share a family story with you in hopes of finding out about others who suffer and also to find out alternative solutions that may be available.

My dad and I both suffer with nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis all year. My dad suffers miserably. He is only 58 years old so he is still very young and I am only 32 years old. We both also have asthma but his seems to be much worse than mine.

He has had his nasal polyps removed 3 times and I have had mine removed once. I finally gave in a couple of years ago just so I could enjoy smelling and tasting again. Although I have been able to taste and smell 60% of the time more than before, I have developed other symptoms such as extreme sinus pain. Unfortunately, a month after my surgery, my doctor told me my polyps were already coming back. The operation seems to help in the short term but makes things worse in the long run.

My dad's doctors continue to tell him he needs to have the surgery again but he is hesitant because it is so short term. Although, he is absolutely miserable now. I think he lives with a sinus infection year round. Antibiotics and steroids don't even help anymore. I want to know if there are research studies going on for nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis. (My dad and I would be perfect candidates to study.)

Both of our doctors have told us that we are the worst cases they have ever seen. We live in different cities. My dad tried using the saline solution machine (similar to a water pick for your teeth) that seemed to help for a while but not long after, he was back to the same thing. I am just convinced that there has to be another form of treatment available besides more drugs, surgery, and living inside a bubble. I would love to hear from others who suffer with similar symptoms and learn about alternative treatments.

Thank you so much for this educational resource you provide. I appreciate your time.

~ A. Ingersoll


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