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Sinusitis Experience #019
Glucose Medication Helped With Sinus Problems

I have doctored for over 40 years for sinus problems and at least 20 years for gut problems. I have a wonderful ENT who stayed years ahead of the curve, even ahead of Mayo Clinic because he listened to patients and their theories and added his own expertise to help I certainly can't complain. Interestingly, recently I went to an Endrocrinology practice and was evaluated for Insulin Resistance. I have Insulin Resistance but not full blown Diabetes. Still I was started on medication to help the glucose that my foods turn into, get into my cells for energy. My theory is that now that my "sugar" is in the cells like it is supposed to be, it isn't in other places like my gut causing heartburn and in my sinuses causing thickened mucus and then infections (germs love sugar.)

I tell every doctor, dentist, medical personnel and anyone else who I think might understand this in the hopes that this info might help someone else who suffered as much as I did. This is because I don't think this has ever been thought about in the medical community. At least, I have never heard it discussed and no one I've mentioned it to has commented that they read about this or heard about this somewhere.

It is a simple test and is not the 3 month diabetes test commonly done today. I want to make it clear...I do not show up as a diabetic on the tests.....but my sister does.....and my mother much better to get this stopped early and learn to tell what foods and what quantities override the medication so I can stay relatively healthy. I also want to make it clear that other doctors could order this test if they knew about it.

I can't begin to tell you how much misery this treatment and understanding is relieving for me. It's "huge" in the words of my ENT!

~ Sinus Infection Patient


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