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Sinusitis Experience #018
Flight Attendant With Many Sinus Infections

I am a flight attendant for a major airline and during the past 12 years, I have suffered through many infections. I underwent endoscopic surgery 3 years ago on one side and was quite healthy for 2 years. During the past year, I have had 3 infections causing more loss of work.

These attacks always begin with the same symptoms - sore throat, extreme pain in left cheek and sometimes swelling, pain under left eye, loose ability to taste and smell sometimes, then yellow discharge from nose and complete misery. The only antibiotic that helps is Augmentin and of course there are side effects with that powerful medication. I am so frustrated.

I also suffer with allergies throughout Spring, Summer and Fall in the Midwest and take Allegra at that time. I certainly know that the airplanes I work on are dirty and contain mold, dust and probably fungus. Passengers are quite often sick when they board and that is a major concern also. Does anyone have any suggestions?

~ Sinusitis Sufferer


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