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Sinusitis Experience #008
Nasal Irrigator Is An Inexpensive Treatment Option

Headaches, sore throat, fatigue, heartburn, fever and post nasal drip was what I experienced since 24. I am now 27 and was currently diagnosed with chronic sinusitis by an ENT after a cat scan showed blockage in most of my sinus cavities. The only advice given was to go on 3 months of antibiotics and hope for the best. After I received my doctor bill of $2,300 of which my health insurance would not cover because I have “riders” for allergies and any symptoms pertaining to allergies (I guess that meant sinusitis) I could not afford to return to the ENT for further investigation.

About 6 months ago I went on a kick and read as many articles as I could about the disease. I tried everything I heard…10 different nasal sprays, Nettle, Echinacea, benedryl, Sudafed etc... until I bought a machine that irrigates your nasal cavities in 3 minutes. It’s called the Grossen Nasal Irrigator and it has been a lifesaver. When my headaches start, or I start gagging on mucus, or my nose starts making suction noises from the pressure I use the Nasal irrigator and almost instantly I feel better. Not 100% better, but better…and of course after 8-10 hours the symptoms come back, but at least I can go to work or out with a friend without feeling hung over or sick and know that I’m not putting any harmful drugs in my system to relieve the headaches etc. I would suggest this method to anyone that has not found something to work for them yet.

~ H. Schmidt


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