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Sinusitis Experience #004
Sinus Infections Caused By Low Immunoglobulin Levels

I have some experiences I’d like to share with your newsletter. However, my experience is in the form of awareness. By awareness, I mean – be very aware that it is unusual to have many sinus infections and bronchial infections in one year, or over the course of many years, especially if they are increasing at an increasing rate. It is also very unusual to be diagnosed with asthma later in life, or even to have many gastrointestinal problems.  

If many rounds of antibiotics don’t clear up (any type of) an infection in your body, and you feel that something “just isn’t right” about your own wellness, or lack of – be diligent and ask for a blood test to check your immune system. Ask specifically for them to check your IGG and IGM immunoglobulin levels. Low immunoglobulins leads to unusual and rare infections, such as pneumonia and can lead to many hospitalizations. If your practitioner won’t do the test and you feel that you have suffered an inordinate number of odd or lingering infections, be persistent, or see another doctor who will perform an immunoglobulin test. If your practitioner scoffs or treats your personal concerns as trivial, go see another doctor who will take your intuitions and your wellness seriously. Don’t wait until the next infection, or the next hospitalization.

After years of having sinus and bronchial infections, plus a late-in-life asthma diagnosis, I was very skeptical of the medical field. It seemed strange to me that I had late-onset asthma. So, I delved into the research, and documented my sinus infections as well as my ENT’s diagnoses. After an excruciating ear infection, diagnosed as mastoiditis, I was referred to an Immunologist who does such immunoglobulin testing. I finally learned that I wasn’t the odd woman out.

I had been researching for three years, desperately searching for the reason why I was so exhausted, why it took me so long to get over a simple infection, and why I kept having such terrible sinus headaches. I was diagnosed with a Primary Immune Deficiency Disease (PIDD). This is not AIDS or HIV – those are secondary immune diseases. PIDD’s are genetic, and they aren’t contracted from other people, or passed around through viruses.

Upon diagnosis, I then reverted to my childhood. I was born with tinnitus, which is ringing of the ears, I suffered undiagnosed stomach aches, had pneumonia twice in elementary school, contracted mononucleosis, got the mumps on ONE side as a child, and got the mumps on the opposite side in my 20’s – just to name a few incidents. I’ve been very lucky … many people with primary immune deficiency diseases are hospitalized numerous times, and suffer through several sinus surgeries. Please don’t let this be you. Visit – the website for the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF).

~ K. Sparks


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