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Sinusitis Experience #001
Turbinectomy Exposes Sinus Nerves

Yes I have had some real experiences. I was having a problem breathing at night through my nose because my nose tissue was swelling because of allergies/sinuses. So I went to an ENT doctor who performed a turbinectomy, removing nose tissue. He removed so much the nerves in my nose were left exposed and I was in severe pain, without any pain pills really helping. He wouldn’t try to help me any further, he just told me to go somewhere else.

I ended up going to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota who diagnosed my condition. Then I was fortunate enough to find an ENT doctor in Tinley Park who was familiar with this condition because most doctors aren’t. He used a laser to kill the nerves in my nose. However he has told me we might have to repeat this procedure.

I still suffer from a very dry nose, since there is all that open space, and yes I still have allergy/sinus problems. However I would recommend to other people against the first procedure I had removing the tissue. I was not told about this possibility happening, and there are a lot of people out there who have nose problems after it also.

~ C. Baker


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