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8 Minute Dating

8 minute dating, a type of speed dating, is becoming increasingly popular for all sorts of single people. 8 minute dating is usually organized by a dating agency that a single person has previously been involved with, but singles can also join an 8 minute dating event not affiliated with any particular agency.

Rules of 8 Minute Dating
During an 8 Minute Dating session, men and women (although 8 minute dating has been increasing in gay communities) meet each other for eight minutes and then rotate onto another person for another eight minutes. The traditional 8 minute dating has singles meet eight different people for eight minutes at a time between rotations. At the end of an eight minute meeting, singles are forced to move onto the next date even if they are really connecting with the person they are interacting with.

To reduce pressure during the date, personal information such as last names or phone numbers cannot be exchanged between meeting couples. At the end of the night, singels turn in a list of the people they would like to go on a second date with to the organizers of the meeting. If the person they would like to meet has also requested another meeting with them, contact information such as a phone number or email address are given to each person. A single person participating in 8 minute dating can pick as many people as he or she would like for a second date.

Can Single Daters Really Connect in Eight Minutes?
The concept of 8 minute dating is that single people try to meet several people in a short amount of time to see if any of the people could turn into potential relationship partners (or at least second dates). Two people try to get to know one another for eight minutes and see if there is a spark. Many believe that it only takes a short period of time for two people to recognize if there is any sort of mutual attraction. If you are of this philosophy then 8 minute dating may seem like a great choice.

Pros of Eight Minute Dating
Advocates of 8 minute dating have listed the following positive reasons why speed dating is such a great way to meet someone:

  • You can meet several different people in a short amount of time
  • If you don’t like someone, you can leave the date after only eight short minutes
  • You are not stuck with the same person the entire night, as in a blind date
  • You have an ability to test your social skills out on numerous types of people regardless of attraction
  • You may be able to meet some new friends, if not a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • It is a fun thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night rather than stay home alone

Cons of 8 Minute Dating
The main argument for why 8 minute dating and other forms of speed dating may not be a good way for singles to meet someone is simply that a few minutes is not enough time to figure out whether or not you would enjoy a second date. Other potential cons include, depending on your personality and dating interests: too much competition as you have to compete with several other singles in the same evening, not enough differentiation between one date to the next, and having to leave the table of a person you really like when all you want to do is continue talking to that person.

The bottom line is that 8 minute dating may not be for everyone, but it has definitely proven to spark compatible relationships between couples. And, it will undoubtedly continue to do so for quite some time. If you are single and want to meet a lot of people quickly, you may want to consider 8 minute dating as an option.


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