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PeoplePC Becomes First Value-Dial ISP to Introduce Internet Call Waiting

(July 31, 2005 - For those web surfers using a dial up Internet connection, missing important phone calls while surfing the net may be a problem. Recently, PeoplePC, a leading Internet service provider and subsidiary of EarthLink, became the first value-dial ISP to launch Internet Call Waiting (ICW), a service which allows PeoplePC Online members to receive phone calls while online.

This Internet Call Waiting feature is one of the latest free upgrades to PeoplePC Online customers. Internet Call Waiting allows members to surf the Net without fear of missing important calls or incurring the additional cost of a second phone line. Additional PeoplePC Internet Call Waiting features are available as value-added services.

"PeoplePC continues to raise the bar for the competition by improving our standard service with tools and applications that enable an enjoyable Internet experience – the addition of Internet Call Waiting is only one example," said Hilary Jensen, director of product management, PeoplePC. "No longer will our members find themselves saying, 'I missed your call because I was checking email.' Internet Call Waiting eliminates this hassle."

PeoplePC's Internet Call Waiting offerings include:

> Internet Call Waiting Alert, a free addition to PeoplePC Online's standard service, this feature notifies customers of incoming calls by displaying the caller’s name and phone number, just like caller ID.

> Internet Call Waiting Messenger ($3.95 per month), which includes the Alert features as well as an added capability that allows callers to leave a voice message that can be played through the customer's computer in real time.

> Internet Call Waiting Connect ($6.95 per month with a 30-day free trial), which includes the Messenger and Alert features and allows PeoplePC members to take incoming calls on their home phone or transfer the call to their mobile phone.

PeoplePC's Internet Call Waiting is powered by CallWave, Inc., the provider of proprietary software that allows consumers to bridge calls between their PC, home phone and mobile phone.

Subscribers' system requirements work with most Microsoft® Windows™ -based PCs. Platforms include Windows™ NT 4.0, 2000, ME and XP and 98; Intel Pentium 90 or better with sound card and speakers; 14.4 bps minimum Internet connection speed; 8MBs of RAM or better; 10 MBs or more of hard disk space and a mouse. Browser support includes Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ 4.0 or later or Netscape® 4.0 or later.

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