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How To Get Telemarketers to Stop Calling You

One of the most annoying aspects of life is to be interrupted by a telemarketer trying to get you to switch phone companies or subscribe to your local newspaper. Luckily there are steps you can take to drastically cut down on such annoying calls.

  • Register your phone number with the official U.S. government do not call list. There are strong penalties for companies that do telemarketing calls to people on the official “do not call” list. To register, visit, click Register a Phone Number, then follow the directions. Expect several months from the time you register your number to the time calls start to dwindle using this method. This is, by far, the most important tip to reduce the amount of telemarketing calls that you receive.
  • When a telemarketer calls, do not hang up. Instead, politely interrupt the telemarketer and tell them, specifically to please “put my number on your ‘don't-call’ list.” Be kind. By law, telemarketing companies are required to remove your number from their list when you say to them “'Put my number on your ‘don't call’ list.”
  • Remove your number from the public record. There are many ways that telemarketers can reach you and one of them is through the phone company. Many phone companies sell information to third parties in order to pad their cash flow. Call your phone company and request that your number no longer be listed. They may charge you around $4 a month for the “service”, but it’s worth it.

And here are a few things not to do when a telemarketer calls:

  • Do not hang up right when the telemarketer calls or when one hasn’t picked up after a computer calls you. You must get the telemarketer on the line in order to say '”Put my number on your ‘don't call’ list.” Once they’ve heard this, they are legally required to obey your request.
  • Do not to engage a telemarketer in any type of conversation or debate. They are highly trained to respond to any type of reasoning you may give them in regards to what they are selling. Remember to be kind when specifically saying, “'Put my number on your ‘don't call’ list.” Telemarketers are people too and if they are upset at your attitude they may purposely leave your name on the list (even though it could result in a fine) or do something even more stupid. After all, they have your number.

Following the above tips will drastically reduce telemarketing calls and make your evenings much more pleasant as you enjoy a peaceful bliss free of annoying sales pitches.


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