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How to Send Faxes Over the Internet

Not everyone owns a fax machine, which is why sending faxes over the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular solution for people needing to send a fax. Internet faxing is easier than ever.

There are, of course, offline options available when it comes to faxing. Virtually any mailbox store, like the UPS Store, will allow you to send (or receive) faxes for a small fee. But what about when you're in a hurry or need to quickly send a fax from the convenience of your home and no fax machine is in sight? Or what about when you want to have a convenient way to send and receive faxes for your home business when you don't have a machine? The answer is that an Internet fax offers a convenient way to transmit and receive fax documents. And it's quick.

In essence, here's how most Internet fax services work:

1) You sign up for an account.

2) You upload a file and type in the phone number.

3) You send the document.

Many online fax services allow you to send faxes via email. You type in a special email address (that includes the phone number you are calling) and click Send. Whatever you have attached to your email is then faxed, as a hardcopy, to the person's fax machine.

In essence, online faxing services are a very simplistic process. You simply log onto a fax service, upload the document you want to fax, then click a send button. Done.

There are many different services that help you send faxes online. Here are a few of the more reputable ones:

CallWave makes it easy for you to send and receive faxes via the Internet. For $7.95 a month, you receive your own private fax number located in any area of your choice. When someone send you a fax to your CallWave Fax Number, the fax is converted to an Adobe PDF file and is delivered directly to your email Inbox as an attachment. Likewise, it's easy to send faxes too. Learn more...

MyFax allows you to send and receive faxes using email, the web or a handheld device. Plus, there is NO setup fee, NO hardware or software to download and each customer receives a FREE toll-free number upon sign up! These benefits, coupled with the low cost of just $10 per month, make a successful industry leader. Learn more...

Internet Faxing is credited with saving Fortune 500 companies millions of dollars a year. Studies show that Fortune 500 companies used to spend 41% (up to $15 million) of their telephone bill in faxing chargers. The emergence of online fax companies now makes it possible to fax without worry of telephone chargers, printer cartridges, and a fax machine.



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