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How to Clean Leather

All leather can be different when it comes to how to care and clean for it. Appropriate methods for cleaning leather depend on what type of leather it is, whether it is finished or unfinished, and what the leather-made item is used for. The good news is that leather usually doesn’t need much maintenance is it is quite durable. Leather usually only needs a regular dusting in order to maintain its quality. But, sometimes accidents happen and spills or stains can occur. Here are some methods you can try when cleaning leather products, clothing, and furniture.

Cleaning Unfinished Leather
Stains on unfinished leather may be almost impossible to remove. Without the protective coat given to finished leather, oils and liquids can more readily absorb into leather. The best option with unfinished leather is to try and blot out as much of the stain as possible. As most leather furniture and clothing is finished, below are tips on how to clean leather that has been finished.

How to Clean an Immediate Spill on Leather
If you have just spilled on your new leather couch, it is important to blot excess liquid immediately with a clean, absorbent sponge or soft cloth. If the spot is sticky or otherwise not easy to life up through blotting, you can use clear, warm water to wipe off the spill gently. Make sure you dry the spill with a towel and let it air dry.

It is important to thoroughly wipe up spills immediately and make sure the leather dries completely after cleanup. Leather will be resistant to liquids at first, but if a spill or water is left to sit on a leather surface, the liquid will eventually seep into the leather and cause damage.

How to Clean Leather Stains
For spots or stains that will not come out of leather, start by mixing a mild solution of Dove or Ivory soap and warm water. Apply the soaping water to a clean sponge. Wipe the spot clean and let it air dry naturally. Never let leather dry in the sun. If you are pressed for time you can accelerate the drying process with a cool hair dryer or buff the area dry.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Leather
Do not use oils, furniture polishes, or varnishes when trying to clean leather, especially finished leather. These substances may contain solvents that can destroy leather or make it sticky.

Remember, it may be impossible to clean certain stains out of leather, but, make sure you check your manufacturer warranty before giving up hope. You may be able to get professional cleaning assistance and the manufacturer may have the best cleaning tips for your specific leather product. These tips are only meant as a guideline and cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness. Ask the manufacturer for more detailed tips about how to clean your leather item.



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