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Signs to Help Spot An Anger Problem

Although we don’t often like to admit it, many of us can pinpoint one or even several instances where we have let anger get the best of us. It may be hard to tell whether or not your angry outbursts are normal or if you have an issue with anger. To help you figure it out, here are a few indicators that you might have an anger problem.

Signs You May Have An Anger Problem
Sign #1: When you do get angry, you hold onto that anger for a long time.
You may let the anger fester in your thoughts until sometimes you explode in an angry outburst or fit of rage. This is more commonly known as holding a grudge, and can cause more frequent feelings of anger, leading to such outbursts.

Do you have a tendency to hold grudges? Can you think of more than one person right now, whom you have not talked to in a long time that you are still angry with? If so, you may have some anger issues.

Sign #2: Most of your feelings are of frustration and you often feel irritable.
Several times throughout the day you are frustrated by something and you get disappointed and unsatisfied about almost anything in life. Even the little things frustrate you, but, even with all of these negative feelings you have, you don’t really get that angry.

Anger may be an unacceptable emotion to you, whereas frustration and irritability seem more acceptable, thus keeping you in a constant state of unfulfilled in life. This can cause you to be irritable throughout most of the day and can be a sign that you are harboring unexpressed anger.

Sign #3: You never get angry.
You may seem to be void of experiencing angry emotions. There are times when you know you should be getting angry, but the feeling just doesn't seem to come. If you do get mad, your anger seems very mild or watered down, and you never are able to release it in the way that you should.

While no one likes getting angry, it is a normal emotion and, at times, needs to be expressed. If you never feel angry, even when you have a right to, you may have a problem with anger.

Sign #4: You are very sarcastic or cynical about yourself, others, and events.
You make fun of not only yourself, but also everyone around you and the events of your life. Much of your time is spent judging other people and making constant “jokes” that have very negative connotations around them.

Although you may try to make yourself believe that these jokes are harmless, deep inside you know that constantly putting everything down and disguising it as a joke is just a way to cover up your anger issues. You are not able to express anger or frustration normally and, instead, you let it leak out during your conversations through sarcasm and cynicism.

If you recognize some of these signs in your own life you may want to seek some professional advice on how to deal with your anger issues. The first step may be finding out where the anger comes from or why you are not able to deal with anger in an appropriate way. This may help you better manager your anger or eliminate many of the frustrations in daily life.


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