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Step-By-Step Guide to Goal Setting and Accomplishment

Setting goals is a vitally important part of success and life satisfaction. You can change your life in a positive way by setting goals. Here is a simple 'step-by-step' guide to help you set goals and stick to them, a plan of action that can help you make your dreams come true.

First Step: Make Choices
Take a look at the different aspects of your life and carefully choose what you want to have or accomplish in those areas. Let your mind go and write down your desires no matter how far out of reach or unrealistic they may seem at the moment.

Second Step: Be Specific and Detailed
Rather than writing down “I wish to make more money from my job next year” be more specific. Write something like “By the end of next year I will have increased my income by $20,000”. These are specific, tangible goals that are clear enough to materialize.

Third Step: Set Deadlines for your Goals
If you notice the above example, a specific time-table was set for the goal of increasing income by $20,000. Setting deadlines is vitally important to goal setting and cannot be stressed enough. Think of your subconscious mind like a calculator. You cannot just push in half of the equation and expect to get the answer; you must give a clear concise instruction to get your answers. Setting a specific time frame to accomplish your goal will keep you focused and help you to avoid procrastinating or giving up.

Fourth Step: Devise your Specific Plan
If you have followed the first three steps then you should have a list of everything you wish to change in your life, specifics on what you want out of those changes, and solid deadlines set to meet your goals. It is now time to form your plan by writing everything you will have to do to achieve your goals. Be bold, yet realistic. Part of goal accomplishment is pushing yourself to work hard but not overreaching your abilities. If you put an impossible amount of pressure on yourself you are automatically setting yourself up for disappointment, but if you make realistic plans for goal accomplishment you will have a better likelihood of success.

Fifth Step: Take Action and Go For It!
One of the number one causes of failure in most people’s lives is lack of action. Many can talk the talk when planning their future, but, if no actions are taken to accomplish goals, you will never succeed. Many people develop these comfort zones and become afraid to step out of those boundaries and really go after goals. We know that we must change; we know that we have to follow our plan to be happy, but seldom do. Do not let your written plan of action go to waste. Start immediately on working towards your goals. Just go for it and stay consistent. Perhaps schedule a bit of time everyday to work no accomplishing your goals.

There is an old quote by Walace D. Wattles that goes “An ounce of action is worth more than a pound in theorizing”. In other words, you may be an expert in writing goals and making plans but unless you actually follow through with those plans you will never reach the levels of peak performance that you desire. This 5 step guide for goal setting will help you get started on making a better and brighter future as long as you follow through and work hard to accomplish the goals you have set.


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