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Healthy Expressions of Emotions Aides Anger Management

Most people never have any real instruction on how to deal with anger. Maybe our parents taught us to “take a deep breath” or “count to ten”, but, usually the only time anybody has any type of anger management education is after they have already caused emotional or even physical harm to themselves or others due to anger. Although most people have never been taught how to deal with anger effectively, learning anger management or proper and healthy ways to deal with anger can be valuable for self-improvement.

Learn to Deal With Anger
Learning how to deal with anger is one of many valuable 'self help' subjects that you will not find in your high school classes or even in most college and career institutions. Although one of the most important practices to learn in order to have a more fulfilling and less stressful life, we likely end up teaching anger management to ourselves. Because of this, it make sense that, in order to be happier and prevent a negative situation, you should learn how to understand, manage and express your anger before something bad develops.

Don’t Suppress Legitimate Emotions or Frustrations
As a society we are conditioned to keep a lot of feelings buried inside, even on a casual contact basis. When asked the standard “How are you doing?” the socially acceptable and most common answer is “I'm fine, thanks.” That’s great if you really are doing “fine” but what if something is really bothering you, and it is quite obvious? If the person asks you next: “Is there something wrong?” Of course you will say “Nothing” because that is your knee-jerk and socially acceptable reaction, you are stifling your true emotions. You have been programmed to “keep your cool” by not showing any emotions that may make you vulnerable or that could possible turn off the other person.

Deal With Anger Now to Avoid Long-Term Complications
You may also hide your true emotions from close friends, family, and loved ones because you don’t want them to worry about you or think you are a negative person. Living life by constantly hiding your emotions does not work. If it did, then we would not have nearly as many problems today that we do in reference to domestic, school, and workplace violence among others. The fact is, if we can deal with our emotions properly rather than hide angry emotions and frustrations, then in our society would likely spawn healthier people, more attentive and nurturing parents, and of course, better spouses.

Bottling up emotions, anger, and issues can work for a little while, but avoiding tense situations only makes things worse and sooner or later those buried emotions come out. Many adults that have suppressed legitimate frustrations have problems later on in adulthood such as spouse abuse, alcoholism, negative thinking, lack of motivation, and depression.

If you work on expressing your frustrations yet monitoring your outbursts, your stress level can be reduced and the potential for emotional outbursts will be eliminated. People can more easily create happy and healthy relationships and share more positive experiences when people deal with emotions in a productive rather than suppressive or destructive manner.


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