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Acne Scarring Prevention

(article ©copyright, Everyone knows that scars form when a wound tries to heal itself. But why is it that for some wounds scars seems to form, while for others they don’t? What is it that’s really going on to make scars appear on the surface of your skin?

And – very importantly, why do the types of scars differ?

These are the kinds of questions that are really pretty interesting, but unfortunately, the entire process of scarring is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to explain. Also, there is still a lot of guesswork concerning what exactly goes on.

What is known is that when the body rushes to repair any wounds that it suffers as a result of acne lesions, sometimes things go wrong. Why things go wrong is not too clear, and some scientists think that it could possibly be genetic.

When the flare up causes lesions that are deep, that’s when scarring is most likely to occur. Deep lesions mean that no matter how hard the body tries, it can’t restore the skin to its original condition, and as a result, a scar is left.

Basically, that is pretty much all that you need to know regarding the causes of scarring.

In fact, the only reason we discussed it at all, is so that you’d be able to look at the next section with more context.

Preventing Acne from Causing Scarring
True, scars can be dealt with, but it is so much easier if you never land yourself in a situation where you have to deal with extensive scarring.

If you remember, way back at the very beginning of this book, we talked about how severe scarring could be a long and hard battle to fight – well, now we’re going to take a look at how you could avoid putting yourself in that situation.

Of course, no matter how hard you try, if you have acne you probably will end up with a few scars, unless your acne was really very, very mild.

But the trick is to do everything possible so that you minimize the amount of scars and their severity. That way, you’re going to be less likely to end up with extensive and severe scars that will take a long time to deal with.

Right, so you know why it is important. So what is it that you actually need to do to minimize the risk of scarring and amount as well as severity of scars in general?

Don’t Scratch, Squeeze, or Pick at Lesions or Scabs
Makes sense, right? True, it’s pretty basic, but so many of us actually go wrong on this and end up picking at our scabs and lesions.

In fact, it used to be a popularly held belief that ‘popping’ a whitehead would help it heal faster. Needless to say, this is completely wrong, and quite to the contrary, popping a whitehead will most likely extend the healing time required, as well as damage the skin around it.

Also, the very action of squeezing could push whatever is clogging your pores (and causing the whitehead) deeper into the skin. In turn, this would cause the whitehead to just re-emerge, and probably grow in size.

Infection can also spread as a result.

When you do have any lesions or scabs on healing lesions, just leave them be as much as possible. Try to even avoid washing the area roughly.

If you can keep yourself from scratching, squeezing, or picking at your scabs and lesions, you’ll find that the amount and severity of the scars that you do end up with are much, much lesser than otherwise.

Treat Acne Fast
Another fairly simple way to limit scars is to actually get your acne itself under control as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, most people tend to wait until their acne is pretty bad before they visit a doctor or seek any kind of treatment. While it is an understandable impulse to want to see if it will get better or subside by itself, this means that if or when it gets worse, you need to start treatment from scratch.

And by the time you get your acne under control, it will probably already have left numerous lesions that will eventually become scars on your skin.

On the flipside, if you do get treatment early on, you’ll probably have an easier time getting your acne under control as it won’t be so widespread. If you can do that, then chances are there won’t be many lesions that will end up scarring.

Simple enough right? Well, remember it!

Keep Skin Generally Healthy
What does this have to do with scarring? More than you might imagine.

If your skin is generally healthy, when it suffers wounds such as those caused by acne lesions it will be in a much better position to heal itself. Of course this doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely immune to the prospect of scarring, but it does reduce your risks.

To do so isn’t difficult really.

Some of the common ways to keep your skin health are really mostly the kind of things that you should be doing anyway: Eating a balanced diet, drinking a lot of water, protecting your skin from the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, and even just not smoking.

Of course, if you already have skin problems, such as constantly dry skin, you might want to use moisturizers, or seek some other ways of dealing with it.

Anything and everything that promotes the well-being of your skin is good.

With these three fairly ordinary steps, you could be able to reduce the risk of your acne causing extensive scarring.

Preventing acne scarring is one thing, but how do you treat scarring that has already occurred as a result of acne? We'll explore that in our next article titled:

Acne Scar Treatments



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