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John Adams - Second US President

John Adams, the second president of the United States, served as president from 1797 - 1801. Here are some important facts about the United States President John Adams.

John Adams, 1797-1801
2nd President of the United States
Number of Terms: 1
Vice President: Thomas Jefferson
Party Affiliation: Federalist
Born: October 30, 1735 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Died: July 4, 1826, the same day as Thomas Jefferson
First Lady: Abigail Smith Adams
Important Events: The XYZ Affair, Midnight Appointments

Additional Information: He served as Vice President under George Washington for two terms and his son, John Quincy Adams, later became president. He was the first president to live in the White House, then called the Executive Mansion. During his term as president, the Alien and Sedition Acts were passed in an effort to suppress political opposition.


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