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Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species Tips and Help
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

Below are some tips, strategies, and advice to help you in Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species.

General Tips:
The second you get a Compost Building, buy it and put it in the corner of your park. It is basically where animal dung and garbage are brought and processed for financial gain. You need this money.

To quickly bring up the bulldozer tool, use the Delete key on your keyboard. Use the bulldozer to delete items (keep holding down the left mouse button to delete several at once). If you ever need some quick money, just bulldoze trees, rocks, etc. around your park that are not a part of your exhibits.

Plan for your zoo's expansion. Make sure you have room to replace single restrooms with family restrooms when they become available. Also, remember that restaurants (when they become available) serve three purposes - food, restroom, and drink for patrons who enter.

Education donations for your endangered species (and other animals) will increase when an information kiosk is near the exhibit and a donation box. An educator, talking behind an educator podium, also has this type of effect.

You can increase guest appearances and happiness at an exhibit by adding a canopy. Theme the canopy to the fence and structures (i.e. jungle canopy next to jungle fence and jungle restrooms) increases guest happiness even more.

Don't let your guests run out of money! Place ATMs strategically around your park, particularly in areas/exhibits where you make a lot of money.

Increase exhibit donations and popularity by mixing animals (i.e. Gorillas and chimpanzees). Guests love to see different species interacting.

Once your zoo reaches three and a half stars, change your zoo entry price to "high".

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