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Tabloid Tycoon Tips and Help
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

Valusoft should be embarrassed that they didn't include a manual for Tabloid Tycoon. Not including a game manual is usually reflective on the quality of the game. The following tips should help you with the game.

Q: On the main game screen there is a picture of a boy's face with a number next to it. What does that mean?
A: That is "public perception". It is reflective of what the public thinks about your tabloid. You want this number to be as high as possible. You raise the number by printing stories that are high in areas like "truth" and "credibility". Raising this number improves public perception of your tabloid and subscriptions (which is also determined by the price you charge for your tabloid and issue rating).

Q: On the main game screen there is a picture of a crown with a number next to it. What does that mean?
A: The crown symbolizes how "famous" your tabloid is. The higher the number, the more famous it is. Raise this number by putting out top notch issues - stories that are high in Amusement, Believability, Credibility, Drama, and Truth.

Q: In the Leads Investigation Menu, what do the ABCD and % sign mean?
A: Here are what each mean:

A = Amusement
B = Believability
C = Credibility
D = Drama
% = Truth

Your goal is to raise these numbers in your stories to 10 for A, B, C, D and 100 for Truth. That is a "perfect" story. You do this by assigning Reporters and Photographers who are really high in these same numbers.

Q: What do the colored triangles attached to each lead mean?
A: The color represents how difficult the story is to research. If you are able to get high A, B, C, D and % numbers on very difficult stories, then your issue rating will go up and help affect the number of people that buy your paper and the overall fame of your paper. Here are the difficulty settings according to the color of the triangle:

Black = Very Hard
Red = Hard
Purple = Normal
Blue = Easy
Green = Very Easy

Q: How do I raise the A, B, C, D, and %?
A: Use Staff Management to hire reporters and photographers who are better skilled. These are the ones that cost the most money. Get rid of your low paid staff and replace them with highly paid and highly skilled staff. Also, use the Freelance Reporter. He is the guy with a pony tail looking out the window. Click on him every Monday and buy all three of his leads. Don't worry, you'll make a lot more money selling the stories from his leads than you lose through buying the leads. Keep in mind that when you start the game you have a small paper. This means four stories per issue. Hire four good reporters and photographers and assign each to a story. You need to assign three of them to the three leads you buy from the Freelance writer. Assign your best reporter and best photographer to the most difficult story. Develop these stories throughout the week (and delete photos that don't add high A, B, C, D, or % to your story. When it comes time to put your issue together, use the four stories you developed. Select the photo that raises the stories A, B, C, D, and % the most. Once all four stories are placed, raise the issue price to about $3 (as your paper grows in fame, subscribers, and size you should raise this number). Now publish the paper and watch the money roll in! Keep checking Staff Management to hire better reporters and photographers, while getting rid of less talented reporters and photographers.

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