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SeaWorld Tycoon 2 Tips and Cheats
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

SeaWorld Tycoon 2 (also known as Sea World Tycoon 3D) is the best AcTiVision tycoon game to date. Below you'll find tips and cheats to help you with the game:

Gain Money - While in a scenario, hold down the shift key and press the $ button (4 key on your keyboard) to instantly get $5,000. You can do this over and over.

Five Whole Days - By far, the hardest scenario in SeaWorld Tycoon 2 is "Expert 2: Five Whole Days". In the scenario, you must go five days without 20 people leaving the park unhappy. You start at a tremendous disadvantage, because when the scenario starts the people are already unhappy and leaving the park! So in a matter of just a few minutes (on day 1) it's easy to lose the scenario.

The key to winning this scenario is to act very quickly. Once you get people happy, it's easy to complete the scenario even if 19 people leave unhappy in day 1. Here's what you need to do immediately upon the scenario beginning:

Step 1: Immediately max your Research.
Step 2: Immediately build a staff room and hire three cleaners and at least one mechanic and one animal specialist.
Step 3: Quickly add flowers, benches and trash cans throughout your park.
Step 4: Add at least two penguins to your penguin exhibit (which is already built, but has no penguins in it).
Step 5: Add at least one restroom.
Step 6: Add one drink cart and one snack cart.
Step 7: Build the Animal Rescue Facility. Keep playing the game and as soon as you get an "Animal in Danger" message, immediately dispatch your team.
Step 8: Add a Sky Tower ride.
Step 9: Add the KeyWest Fest Show and make a long que for it.
Step 10: Add at least one ATM.

Now it is a matter of looking at the messages as to what the guests need. Because your funds are limited, be sure to buy the cheapest building to satisfy their needs (i.e. they want a restaurant - build Mango Joe's Cafe, the cheapest restaurant.

Expand your staff and as time goes on be sure to add another restroom and another staff building away from your first staff building. Don't panic if, while completing the steps, you see anywhere from 8 - 18 people leave unhappy. Once you have a nice balance and people like your park no one will leave unhappy for the rest of the scenario and you'll beat it. Good luck!

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