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School Tycoon Tips and Help
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

It's unfortunate that the creators of School Tycoon decided not to include a manual with the game (not even on the CD). With that in mind, we've assembled this help, tips, and FAQ section to assist you in the game.

Q: How do I prevent fires?
A: Add a maintenance building and some maintenance workers. They keep your buildings in tip-top shape to help prevent things like fires.

Q: How do I turn off disasters?
A: Unfortunately the game creators did not include this option. You can't do it without editing the game code.

Q: Is there a money cheat?
A: Yes, there is! From the game screen simply type on your keyboard "iamacheater". Note, there is no window to type this in. You just have to type it out on your keyboard and a message will appear saying "cheats enabled". Note that while you're typing a window in the game (the messages window) may open. Ignore this and keep typing the message. Once you've finished, you will see "cheats enabled" appear on the right hand side of your screen (because the "h" key opens your messages window). Close this window. Now hold down the CTRL (the control key on your keyboard) button and press the "c" button on your keyboard. Your money will increase by $1,000! You can do this as much as you want.

Q: How do I get more students?
A: There's two ways. One way is to enable cheats as shown in the last answer. After you've done this hold down the CTRL key and press the "s" button your keyboard. A new student is instantly added! You can keep holding down control and pressing "s" repeatedly to add a bunch of students. The non-cheat method is to create your own students. Click the "s" key on your keyboard to open the "hire staff" menu. The second button from the bottom is of a student waving. It's the Create Student option. Once you click the button you will be able to input information about the student. After you're done the new student will instantly be created!

Q: There's too much litter at my school and I already have a lot of janitors. What do I do to keep the sidewalks clean?
A: When you're designing your school, place a lot of trash cans. You can also delete a dirty path and replace it if you want to "help" your janitors.

Q: How do I increase the morale of the students?
A: The biggest thing you need to do is add landscaping, statues, and fountains throughout your school. This is the single most important factor in increasing morale. Also make sure you have a good array of buildings and activities (like the skate board ramp or video arcade). Also, check your school newspaper to see if there are any coupons like "school dance". If you buy a "school dance" then morale will increase.

Q: Can I increase the stats of my workers?
School Tycoon has a nifty way of increasing the skills of your staff and teachers. It comes from checking the school newspaper every time a new one comes out and looking at the bottom in the "Coupons" area. You may see a coupon for "staff meeting" or "teachers retreat". Buying these will increase the skills of your staff and teachers.

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