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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Wild Tips and Cheats
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

Here are some tips, strategies, and cheats that may enhance your gameplay of the expansion pack for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - Wild.

General Tips
Many of the scenarios require you to raise the health of your animals and release or sell them. The best way to raise the health of your animals (besides having animal specialists with them and the appropriate shelter) is to give them enrichment items like a ball, tire, etc.. As they play with these items, their health (and value) rise.

The number of animals in your closure also relates to health. Too many animals in a smaller enclosure will cause health to deteriorate, while bigger enclosures with the "right" number of animals will cause health to increase. Generally, animals like Pandas and Rhinos do not like to be in large herds. They prefer only a few of them at most. So the secret to good health is: large enclosure, at least two animal specialists, the right shelter, the right amount of animals, and lots of enrichment toys to play with.

Make sure your game is updated. Within three weeks of releasing Wild, Atari put out a patch to address a major lag occuring on many computers during night mode in the user's theme park. To update click Start in your bottom taskbar, then All Programs > Atari > Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 > Check for Updates.

In some scenarios, the VIP has a LOW tolerance for dung, yet wants to see a bunch of animals. Just seeing one slab of dung will set him off. Therefore it is vital that you hire multiple (at least three) animal specialists for each enclosure you have. Make sure they are all trained. In addition, when the VIP insists on visiting 5 Viewing Galleries, that includes multiple galleries per enclosure. So you could have 5 Viewing Galleries for just one enclosure and that meets the requirements.

When you begin the last scenario, there will be a lot of hidden problems. It's best to start clean with this scenario (and more fun). So begin the scenario by closing the park. Next delete all of the shops, scenery (particularly buildings), animals, enclosures, etc. Now level the land. You are now in a position to better address the needs to win the game and will be able to custom design your own theme park on a huge plot of land. Remember, to instantly get money at the beginning of any scenario, consider clearing scenery, rides, and shops already built. Then you can pay off your loan and have a lot of money left over to build the park the way you want to build it.

In one scenario the VIP wants to go on four roller coasters with a rating of 5 or higher. The key here is that the VIP only has very limited time. Therefore you need to make sure the coasters are close together. If you have coasters too far apart, he'll finish two or three of them then announce he is going home. So make sure that your coasters are close and not to long (length wise). Some great moneymakers is to build some launch coasters that just launch the person straight up like Superman at Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. Build two of these and synch the stations. Increase speed and height if you need to raise the excitement rating. You can also add scenery.

To keep the fence of an animal exhibit from falling into disarray, make sure a Viewing Gallery is attached to the fence (and open) and that a mechanic patrols the Viewing Gallery. When a fence starts to rot, the mechanic will go to the Viewing Gallery and the fence piece will be repaired.

Never charge an entrance fee for your park. If you do then peeps will not pay premium prices for rides. Some scenarios require that you achieve a certain monthly ride income so never charge an entrance fee and always charge premium prices for rides.

Remember that the tips and cheats for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Soaked will also work for this game. Access those here and here.

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