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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Soaked Tips and Cheats
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

Here are some tips, strategies, and cheats that may enhance your gameplay of the expansion pack for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - Soaked!

General Tips
Use the new ride, Giant Slide, as soon as you have access to it. Build it five levels high. The excitement rating will be high (over 5) and you'll be able to charge over $5 for it. Peeps love it and it has a large capacity because peeps are continuously flowing through it.

While the super soakers that you place on paths are a lot of fun to watch (as peeps hose down other peeps), you may want to hold off on building them in scenarios that require a high park rating. That's because peeps who get drenched will turn from happy to upset. And the number of current happy guests you have affects your park rating.

When you build a pool, always make sure that you build a Swimsuit Stall, Sunscreen Stall, and Inflatable Stall (if available) close to your changing room. These will get a lot of business and you can comfortably raise the prices on all of the items without peeps complaining too much.

One of the best ways to increase your park rating is by building lots of thrill rides. Build a lot of thrill rides and make sure the mechanics keep them running. You'll make a lot of money and see your park rating skyrocket.

If you have the money, train your staff to the third level. The reason why is because staff who have three levels of training work much more efficiently and they are guaranteed to not quit on you. For rides where you're trying to get a lot of money (like the Giant Slide), be sure to immediately train the vendor for that ride three levels and he will be much more efficient at getting guests onto the ride without delays. If you have a lot of money and want to instantly train all your staff and vendors then use the "Staff and Vendor Full Training Cheat" we mention below.

Staff and Vendor Full Training Cheat
Select a peep and rename him to "Isambard Kingdom Brunel" (without the quotes). Now all of your staff and vendors will instantly have their training maxed out. However, this isn't truly a cheat - only a time saver. Why? Because it will cost you a chunk of money once you do it.

Mega Cheat Tip
Go to the peep editor and create a large number of peeps. Give them all names based on cheats (like the money cheat) that you've read here and in our Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Tips and Cheats page. You can give more than one peep the same name to double the effect. After you've saved this family of peeps, every scenario you start will have them enter and instantly give you all the benefits associated with each peeps name! So if three of your family members are named John D Rockefeller then every time they enter the park, you'll get $30,000 (based on the $10,000 money cheat we told you about here).

Just for Fun
Select a peep and rename him to "James Hunt" (without the quotes). A dune buggy will appear. Click it and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to drive it around!

Select a peep and rename him to "atitech" (without the quotes). Your guests and staff go into "fast forward" mode while the rest of your park (rides, etc.) remain in normal mode. The effect is only temporary.

Select a peep and rename him to "make me sick" (without the quotes). All the peeps in your park will instantly throw up (which will cause a major temporary game slowdown if you have a lot of peeps in your park).

Select a peep and rename him to "a hitchcock". After several minutes of gameplay, birds will start showing up and attack your guests.

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