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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Tips and Cheats
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

Here are some Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 tips, strategies, and cheats that may enhance your gameplay:

General Tips
Instead of using wooden benches, always use the marble benches. The reason why is because the marble benches do not break.

At the beginning of each campaign, start by pausing the game and taking an in-depth look at what is wrong with the park and what you are going to do to fix it. In parks that are "too large", place a number of "No Entry" signs (place a banner, select it, and click the "no entry" button) to keep guests from going in that area. In parks that are too littered, either delete and rebuild paths (deleting a path deletes the litter) or place a lot of janitors. Always have a master plan in your mind before you unpause and begin the game.

Always place an Info Booth near the front of your park. That's because it sells park maps which help guests get around better.

Don't let your janitors and mechanics just wander around. Set the patrol area for each. And remember, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 now allows stalls to "break down" and a mechanic needs to repair them. So make sure your mechanics patrol area doesn't just include rides.

Don't forget to use ATMs. You want guests to keep spending money, so make it easy for them to get cash.

You can charge money for your toilets. Therefore set the fee to 10 or 20 cents so that you're at least making something from your toilets every time a peep uses it.

When placing a food stall, always let the customer select their toppings. Change this by selecting a shop the selecting the first bottom circle on the left hand side. Click under the smiley face to allow your guests to select their amount of toppings. This will keep all guests happy. Selecting two circles above that one is "Sold Items" make sure that each checkbox is checked under every item you sell.

Roller coasters is what peeps will pay the most to ride. If you place a roller coaster with an 8+ excitement, you can charge over $6.50 and peeps will still ride it in droves. Coasters are your biggest money makers. Be sure to place an ATM near your most expensive rides to make it easy for peeps to get more cash to ride (or keep riding).

No Ride Breakdown Cheat
Select a peep and rename him to "Frontier" (without the quotes). Now your rides will never break down.

Peeps Go On More Rides Cheat
Select a peep and rename him to "Jon Roach" (without the quotes). Now your peeps will go on more rides.

Unlimited Launch Speed Cheat
Select a peep and rename him to "David Braben" (without the quotes). Now you'll be able to set your launch speed of coasters to whatever you want.

Add $10,000 to Your Money Cheat
Select a peep and rename him to "John D Rockefeller" (without the quotes). $10,000 will now be added to your bank account!

Just for Fun
Select a peep and rename him to "Atari" (without the quotes). All the guests in your park will laugh.

Select a peep and rename him to "Shifty" (without the quotes). All the guests in your park will now dance.

Select a peep and rename him to "Jonny Watts" (without the quotes). The camera view will change so that you now view the park through the eyes of that peep!

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