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Tycoon City: New York Tips and Strategies
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

Here are several tips, cheats, and strategies for Atari's Tycoon City: New York game:

General Tips:
It's virtually impossible to "lose" this game because you never lose money from your businesses. However, it is vital to complete all the opportunities as they provide you with the Landmark and Upgrade points you need to complete the game.

You cannot place headquarters in any district. You can only place them in TriBeCa, the Financial District, Chelsea, Midtown, and Harlem. A bug in the game makes it look like you can place them in other districts, although it doesn't allow you too. Now you know why.

When placing a building you'll see nearby residences/hotels turn either green, yellow, orange, or red. Green means they really want your business. Build it. Yellow means they slightly object but still want it, orange means they slightly object and don't really want it and red means they seriously don't want you there (reminds me of Walmart protests). So green/yellow = build it and orange/red = don't build it.

To get enough of one business quickly in order to build your headquarters, simply open the Districts panel and use it to scan businesses your competitor has built. Click on the name of the one(s) you want and the camera will move to that building. Click on the building, the $ sign, then Buy in order to buy the business. Easy!

When upgrading a building that has flags, note that the small flag costs 2 upgrade points and the big flag 3 upgrade points. However, they give the same benefit. Therefore buy the small flags so that you have more upgrade points for other upgrades. Always compare the benefit to the cost of upgrade points when upgrading (at some point in the game you won't care because you'll be become board of doing thousands of upgrades while your bank account is at 27 million dollars).

If you don't have room in TriBeCa, the Financial District, Chelsea, Midtown, or Harlem to build a skyscraper headquarters, then simply buy some businesses on a block in one of those districts and demolish them. Now you have plenty of room!

When you build the first few landmarks, you may notice that you can't upgrade them. However, later landmarks allow you to upgrade them so be sure to always check!

When developing Chelsea Piers, buy the warehouses then demolish them in order to make room for the amusements you will have to build in order to achieve your objective. You can also build on North Chelsea Piers (further North), which has fewer warehouses.

When you place your helicopter pad on Chelsea Piers, place it nearest the road. One of the missions is to get 200 guests to user your helicopter service. When you place it at the end of the pier, fewer people go to it. More go to it when it is closer to the main road.

Tycoon City: New York Update Patch
When you first load Tycoon City: New York, a small window will open up that says Play, Configure, Show Readme, and Quit. Under quit there will be a version number. If yours says "v" then you need to download the available patch in order to avoid many bugs like crashes and game graphic display errors. You can download the patch by clicking here and following the instructions (note, this is for the US version).

$1,000,000 Cheat
Tycoon City: New York is very easy to play and virtually unchallenging. You shouldn't have to "cheat" to play it. But if you still want to, there is a way to add $1,000,000 instantly to your account. Simply hold down the CTRL and ALT buttons and (while still holding them), press the C key on your keyboard.

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