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Mall of America Tycoon Tips and Help
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

If you are playing Mall of America Tycoon, here are some tips that may help you be more successful:

Tip #1: Security. Security is an important element in Mall of America Tycoon. You will lose stores if your security is low. To help prevent this, click on the Section Info tab and look next to Security. You want this number to be 100%. If it isn't 100% then go to your Staff option and hire more security.

Tip #2: Staffing. When you see smoke rising from something, it means it is broke or neglected. If you start seeing smoke rise from a lot of trees, then you need to hire more gardners. If you see it rise from your vending machines, then you need to hire more engineers.

Tip #3: Accessories. Use blank wall areas of stores and restrooms to put things like plants, benches, phone booths, and vending machines.

Tip #4: Color Meanings. When you click on a person, you will see a bar graph that demonstrates their needs. To find out what the colors mean, right click on that bar graph.

Tip #5: Camp Snoopy Expansion. At the beginning of the game, expanding Camp Snoopy is a bad idea. Not only does each attraction cost you $10,000, but you also have to pay $1,000 a month in upkeep of every attraction you have. To add insult to injury, you make no money from Camp Snoopy (one of the game's biggest flaws).

Tip #6: Be Careful Placing Restrooms. It's important to have restrooms in each section of your mall. However, be extra careful where you place restrooms, because once you've placed it, you won't be able to delete it or move it for the entire game!

Tip #7: Saving and Pause. To save your game, hit the ESC key on your keyboard. Only then will the Options menu show, allow you to save. To pause the game, click the "p" button on your keyboard during game play.

Tip #8: Cheats. There are no known cheats for Mall of America Tycoon. Some sites list cheats that you "type in" but these are bogus. Mall of America Tycoon does not contain any option to type information in.

Tip #9: View Events. When you schedule an event, on the day of the event, click on one of your anchor stores (the four corner stores in the small map in the bottom of the right hand side) to view the event. Not all anchor stores host the event, so click on an anchor store until you see the event happening in the middle of that store.

Tip #10: Store Prospects. The Store Prospects change every time a new day of revenue is recorded. The prospects are different for each section and each level. The stores are only applicable for the section you are in. So if you don't find a prospect you need in one section, go to another and check those store prospects so that you can keep working without wasting time.

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