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Paradise Island Tips and Help
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of

Paradise Island is a fun app game for the iPhone, iPad, and android phones that is ad free and free to dowload and play. The catch? The game allows you to purchase additional money or what are called "piastres" in order to allow you to expand in the game quicker.

In essence, Paradise Island is like a Tycoon game where you build your own resort. You gain experience points for your actions, which allow you to "level up" and unlock new buildings/actions.

The Paradise Island tips below were created with the idea of playing the game free and never using the purchase dollars or purchase piastres option.

General Tips:
Keep in mind that game time in Paradise Island continues to move forward even when your phone is off. Because buildings don't replinish money until you collect, your timing for turning on your phone to do a "quick collect" is important. Paradise Island is a game about collecting money and piastres in order to expand.

A lot of people don't realize that the Windmills and Generators are upgradeable just like buildings. Only instead of getting money, you are getting more electricity. Many times it may be cheaper to simply upgrade your Windmills instead of purchasing a new one.


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In Career Mode, upgrade your ports and you'll have a nice jump in your reputation, which affects how much people will pay to be on your ship.

If you're unsure what to add next, go to Stats, then Guest Stats, and click the "Suggest" tab. Add what the #1 request is. Doing this will increase guest satisfaction and your reputation.

When you need to do a lot of building, do it in a port so that you don't max out your maintenance guys, who can then spend their time keeping all your other buildings in excellent condition. When you're in port your buildings are instantly created. At sea, you have to wait for a maintenance person to build it.

Before adding a second stateroom to your ship, simply right-click on your current stateroom and click the "hire staff" icon (two people with a checkmark). You now have a second maid!

Game Money Cheat:
During gameplay type in the words "iamacheater" (without the quotes). Just type it out - you don't need a prompt to come up. Once you've typed it, you'll see the words "Cheats Enabled" appear on the right side of the screen. That means you have succeeded.

Now hold down CTRL, SHIFT, and the * key on your numeric keypad and money will start to pile into your account. Note: If you hit the wrong asterisks key (the one above the letter 8) your ship will get lost at sea and you immediately lose the game.

For Fun:
Once you have cheats enabled, hold
down CTRL, SHIFT, and the "k" key to make it rain. This has no effect on your gameplay.

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