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> Asthma Symptoms - Could You Have Asthma?
> Exercise Induced Asthma
> Smoking and Asthma
> Influenza Immunization is Important for All Asthmatics
> Asthma Survey Reveals Unmet Needs for Asthmatics
> Occupational Asthma – You Might Be Allergic to Work
> Brushfires Cause Anxiety For Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

> Asthma Facts new

Asthma Research
> Asthma Increasing in Older Adults
> Majority of Children Playing Sports Unprepared for Asthma Attacks
> Family History Does Not Necessarily Predict Asthma Risk
> Doubling of Steroids Before Severe Asthma Attacks Proves Ineffective
> Studies Look At Relationship Between Asthma and Obesity
> Key Milestone In Antifungal Treatment For Severe Asthma
> Asthma or Allergies May Reduce Risk of Brain Cancer
> Asthma Differences Found Among Mexican American Children
> Stop and Go Traffic Areas Worse for Babies with Asthma
> Brain Activity Can Worsen Symptoms of Asthma

> Household Dust Contains Bacteria That Trigger Asthma Symptoms
> Researchers Identify Gene Related to Asthma Severity
> CT Scans Safe for Detecting Airway Remodeling in Asthmatic Children

> Your Pillow Is Full of Fungal Spores, Causing Asthma and Sinusitis
> Asthma Control Needs to Be Assessed During Each Physician Visit

> Child’s Bedding May Increase Asthma Risk
> Genetic Link Found Between Asthma and Obesity
> Inhaled Corticosteroids Moste Effective for Persistent Child Asthma
> Fish Oil May Help Reduce Exercise-Induced Asthma Symptoms

> Risk Factors in Childhood Can Predict Asthma During Adulthood
> Asthma Associated with Exposure to Maternal Stress
> Asthma Sufferers on Medicaid Face Unique Barriers to Care
> No Symptoms, No Asthma - Many Believe This False Assumption
> Fall Asthma Frequency Related to the Start of School
> Asthma Risk Is Higher For Certain Ethnicities

> Children with Asthma Can Suffer Many Other Problems new
> Study: Asthma Sufferers May Have New Option for Controlling Disease new

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