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Mona Lisa Rapidly Deteriorating
(external - MSNBC)

Higher Health Deductibles May Soar
(external - USA Today)

Eli Manning Can Learn From Pat Tillman
(external - La Crosse Tribune)

Hard Rock Fined for Indecent Ads
(external - Review-Journal)

Low Riding Pants May be Banned in Louisiana
(external - USA Today)

Blood Test "May Predict Cancer"
(external - BBC News)

Disney Employees Lack Confidence in Eisner
(internal -

People Would Give Up Passwords for Chocolate
(external - BBC News)

Spyware Next of FTC's "Hit" List
(external - USA Today)

Robot Plane Drops Bomb in Test
(external - MSNBC)

High Speed Train From San Diego to Bay Area?
(external - Union Tribune)

US Soldier, Back From Iraq, Talks to Students
(external - Journal Standard)

Cosmetic Surgery for a Younger Voice
(external - USA Today)

Dog Survives Avalanche. Owner Doesn't.
(external - USA Today)

Hotel Turns Away Couple for Being Straight
(external - USA Today)

Man Robs by Posing as a Cop in Advance of Crime
(external - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Sinusitis Takes Major Toll on Sufferers
(internal -

Fighting Fire With No Water Damage
(internal -

Nudists Say New Dorm Would Invade Privacy
(external - The Daily News)

U.S. Army Invests $32 Million in New Robots
(internal -

Farm Produces Multi-Colored Chickens
(external - BBC News)

FDA Warns About "Safe Legal High" Products
(internal -

Humans Should "Talk" Like Chimps
(external - BBC News)

Parents Naming Kids After Cars and Companies
(external - BBC News)

California Governor Saves Struggling Swimmer
(external - Myrtle Beach Sun News)

75% of New Diseases Originate from Animals
(external - MSNBC)

FDA Issues Warnings for Weight Loss Claims
(internal -

Private Space Race Goes Supersonic
(external - MSNBC)

Eyeball Jewelry a New Fashion Trend
(external - MSNBC)

FDA Forces a Stop to Two Companies
Touting "Cure All" Products

(internal -

FTC Shuts Down American Idol Scam
(external - USA Today)

Nine Million US Children Diagnosed with Asthma
(internal -

Pets Trigger "Feel Good" Hormones
(external - MSNBC)

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