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Pets and Companion Animals Defined

A pet or companion animal is an animal that is kept by humans for companionship and enjoyment, rather than for economic reasons. The most popular are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics or their beautiful appearance or song. 

While in theory one could keep a blue whale as a pet, in practice a small number of species of mammals, especially dogs and cats, and other animals such as birds have dominated the pet scene for a very long time. Fish have joined them more recently. Many of these are domesticated while others, often considered novelty pets, are not. With the exception of iguanas and non-venomous snakes, few reptiles and amphibians make good pets.

The glofish, a genetically modified zebrafish with a bright red fluorescent color is the first genetically modified (GM) animal to be engineered as a pet.

Pets can have many health benefits. Pets have been proven tho help remove stress.

A pet can be acquired from a pet store, an animal shelter, a breeder, and sometimes from people who have too many due to births.


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