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Chicago Is Named Top City for 2005 Fall Allergies

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has once again released their annual Fall Allergy Capital ™ rankings to bring awareness to Americans that seasonal allergies in the fall can cause problems for millions in cities all across the country. According to the rankings, Chicago, IL ranks as the #1 Fall Allergy Capital this year.

Researchers ranked the 2005 Fall Allergy Capitals based on several environmental and medical factors such as pollen levels and medication usage in each city. At the top of the list Chicago has one of the highest fall pollen levels and patient medication usage as well as a lower-than-average number of board certified allergies per patient. Also, three cities in Florida, Tampa (#3), Dayton (#4) and Melbourne (#10).

Here are the top ten 2005 Fall Allergy Capitals:

    1. Chicago, IL
    2. Little Rock, AR
    3. Tampa, FL
    4. Daytona, FL
    5. South Bend, IN
    6. Dallas, TX
    7. Tulsa, OK
    8. Oklahoma City, OK
    9. Stockton, CA
    10. Melbourne, FL

The AAFA reports that seasonal allergies affect more than 35 million Americans, costing the U.S. economy more than $7 billion annually. Among adults, allergies are the 5th leading chronic disease and a major cause of work absenteeism, or "presenteeism," resulting in nearly 4 million missed or lost workdays each year, accounting for more than $700 million in total lost productivity. "Allergy is a serious disease," says Mike Tringale, Director of Communications for AAFA, "and these rankings send a message that fall allergies can seriously affect every city."

"The Fall Allergy Capitals list should make a person think twice before assuming that their runny nose, sneezing, congestion, watery eyes and itchy throat are due to a cold," says Dr. Derek Johnson, MD, an allergist at Temple University Medical Center and a medical advisor to AAFA. "These are classic symptoms of seasonal allergies. When it comes to allergies, don't move to another city! Instead, think about having a year-round plan for preventing and managing your allergies," said Johnson.

This year's research was sponsored in part by Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc., a member of the sanofi-aventis Group. Pollen data was donated by, a division of Surveillance Data Inc.

Top 50 of 100 Fall Allergy Capitals for 2005
Here are the top 50 capitals for fall allergies this year along with their total score (67.62 average).
    1. Chicago, IL 100.00
    2. Little Rock, AR 98.02
    3. Tampa, FL 95.75
    4. Daytona Beach, FL 95.48
    5. South Bend, IN 94.05
    6. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX 93.27
    7. Tulsa, OK 92.61
    8. Oklahoma City, OK 90.84
    9. Stockton, CA 90.62
    10. Melbourne, FL 90.35
    11. Omaha, NE 87.24
    12. McAllen, TX 87.07
    13. San Antonio, TX 87.05
    14. Austin, TX 86.60
    15. Lexington, KY 86.12
    16. Orlando, FL 85.00
    17. Louisville, KY 84.48
    18. Saint Louis, MO 83.87
    19. Nashville, TN 83.27
    20. Madison, WI 81.61
    21. Knoxville, TN 81.23
    22. Jackson, MS 80.27
    23. Johnson City, TN 79.58
    24. Modesto, CA 79.11
    25. Sacramento, CA 78.53
    26. New Orleans, LA 77.68
    27. Birmingham, AL 77.08
    28. Chattanooga, TN 76.80
    29. Pensacola, FL 75.41
    30. Kalamazoo, MI 75.08
    31. Memphis, TN 73.43
    32. Greenville, SC 72.71
    33. Wichita, KS 72.36
    34. Indianapolis, IN 72.13
    35. Houston, TX 71.87
    36. Atlanta, GA 71.78
    37. Baton Rouge, LA 71.56
    38. Lancaster, PA 70.57
    39. Raleigh, NC 70.56
    40. Kansas City, MO 70.08
    41. Charleston, SC 69.33
    42. Denver, CO 69.28
    43. Columbia, SC 68.47
    44. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 68.31
    45. Tucson, AZ 68.01
    46. Greensboro, NC 67.79
    47. Philadelphia, PA 67.35
    48. Albuquerque, NM 66.89
    49. Charlotte, NC 66.22
    50. Richmond, VA 66.17


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