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Allergy Experience #001
Bee Pollen and Natural Honey Treats Allergies

I did have a very positive experience with Bee Pollen many years ago. As a young apprentice teacher, I boarded at a home where the Lady who owned the home and provided board and room in Nephi, Utah told me when I started getting reactions to the spring pollens that if I ate the honey along with the honey comb of the local bees that I would not have a problem. She would serve me some of the honey every day for about four weeks while I stayed there.

It worked wonders. I had suffered horrendously with allergic reactions to whatever the spring would bring. That year (1966) the same year I got married, I never sneezed again. But it took me a while to realize it, because I have suffered with allergies in the spring and early summer ever since. It was only when someone started telling me to use that remedy recently that I got to thinking about how much I was helped that year. I have used honey from local bees since I am sure but have not eaten as a remedy. I will try it again this winter and through the spring. I know a beekeeper.

~ D. Larsen


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